Quick Spell is a fun activity designed to help students practice their weekly spelling words and foster cooperative learning. It can easily be adapted to all grade levels. Try using it for vocabulary study also, substituting definitions for pronouncing a spelling word.

  1. On 1" to 2" squares of tagboard or heavy paper print the letters of the alphabet. Make at least two of each consonant and three of each vowel.
  2. Make several sets of these cards, writing the letters of each set in a different color.
  3. Divide your class into teams of four or more members.
  4. Give each team a set of cards. Have them spread the cards face up on their table or desk.
  5. Pronounce a spelling word.
  6. Say "GO!"
  7. At this point the students work quickly together to find the letters necessary to spell the given word and arrange them in the proper order.
  8. The first team to complete the word raises its hands, and the teacher calls, "STOP!"
  9. Check the team's spelling. If it is correct, award the team a point. If it is not correct award each of the other teams a point.
  10. Have the teams mix up their letter cards and continue with another word.
  11. At the end of time, award the team with the most points a small prize or bonus points towards the end of the week spelling test.